Ordering a Tallulah River Cutting Board

When ordering one of our boards, it's important to remember, our boards are not massed produced and we do not keep a large inventory of our boards on hand. Our board's sizes are as close as we can make them to the dimensions on our website, and no two boards are alike and the same size.  We've discovered over the many years we've been making boards not everyone likes the same size board. When you order one of our boards, you can order the size given on our website or request your board to be smaller or larger.
Once we've received your order, the craftsman that will be the one building your board will contact you and verify some things with you, especially if you want to make some changes in the original board you've ordered from us. Please feel free to discuss your board with him or her so you'll have the board you want. The craftsman will also contact you once the build of your board begins, expected completion date and the day your board has been shipped with a tracking number.
The timeline on a building a board usually takes from a week up to 4 weeks depending on the board and if you've made any changes to the original board.
Shipping Charges: Our boards are professionally packed and shipped by a professional shipping agent. Shipping prices vary for each individual board according to weight and size. The average shipping charges range from $10.00 up to $25.00 with free shipping over $250.00.
Our boards are fully warrantied.