A Few Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Finally. After years and at least a dozen boards,  I finally have the pastry board that fists my needs. Thank you Tallulah River for listening to me and building a board of choice.
Athens, Ga.
I ordered the end grain cutting board and have been very happy with it. When I called Tallulah River I asked them if they could make the end grain cutting board 14" wide,  21" long and 3" thick. Three weeks later it arrived in the mail. It's a joy to work with and I'm now one up on a beautiful cutting board with my friends. Thanks for your stellar customer service and craftsmanship.
Denver, Co.
Thank you for my beautiful Wormy Maple french rolling pin.  it's to pretty to use.
Dillard, Ga.
I've got $100's of dollars invested in name brand cutting boards and none of them compare in quality to the board I had Tallulah River make for me. I called them and discussed a cutting board like I wanted and they made it for me. I'm a happy customer and have ordered a pastry board just like I want. Thank you for listening to me and building me the cutting board I wanted.
Highlands, NC
I'm a professional pastry chef for a large country club in my state and I have to be productive on a pastry board to meet the goals of the club members. I also have carpal tunnel in my right hand. I called Tallulah River thru the advice from a friend, and discussed a large board with them and what could they help me with because of having carpal tunnel in my right hand.  Four weeks later my new board arrived with an ergonomic shelf on the front. Thanks to them i can continue my career with less pain in my right hand.
New Jersey